Flat Mop & Bucket

Flat Mop & Bucket


The EasyGleam cleaning system will transform cleaning from a boring regime to an absolute dream!

Featuring a two chamber bucket, it has a WASH side to load the mop with water and a DRY side to squeeze out excess water.


The user is in control of how wet the mop head is, with several squeezes the mop head can be damp to almost dry. Cleaning tasks are a breeze as wet surfaces dry quickly without water marks or streaks. It is fantastic for soaking up spills, no need for paper towels or cloths. The EasyGleam cleaning system comes with TWO durable microfibre pads ensuring one can always be clean and ready for use.


The EasyGleam bucket is compact and slim in design. The mop head and handle can be dissembled to fit perfectly inside the bucket. The whole cleaning system can be stored with ease and convenience.


Say goodbye to cumbersome buckets and dripping mops, EasyGleam's revolutionary design is a must have for any household.